Thursday, April 19, 2018

6 Things You Should Pack Yourself When Moving

Moving can be a hectic time in life, but the task has to be done. The key is to find ways to make this move as stress-free as possible. This is probably one reason many turn to professional movers to deal with some of their odd-shaped items or furniture that has to be dissassembled, but there are some things you should pack. The following are a few items you should take care of yourself.

1. Valuable Jewelry
Jewelry means different things to people. Some pieces are heirlooms that have been passed down for generations. Other pieces represent a loved one's care and affection. For this type of property, it is best for you to package it on your own for peace of mind. No one is saying that professional movers are not trustworthy, but taking care of this part of your packing is rather personal, so why not keep it that way.

2. Vital Documents
Important documents are another thing you need to pack. Again, no one is saying that professional movers cannot take care of this for you, but it is a task that is best left for you. What you should keep in mind is that your documents contain valuable information, such as your social security number or your bank account information. All of these details should be for your eyes only, just to be safe. This also gives you an opportunity to shred information that is no longer necessary. It is best to keep sensitive documents on your person for added protection.

3. Sentimental Photography
Photographs hold so much of a family's history. These are precious things and are sometimes irreplaceable, so you should pack these items, too. You are going to be able to wrap each photograph in bubble wrap and rest easy knowing that your photos are as safe as can be. It might be a good idea to use a smart device to scan photographs that you know are irreplaceable just in case.

4. Sensitive Electronics
Another reason you may want to keep a few shipping boxes for yourself is to pack your electronics. Movers can take care of this for you, but the extra care that movers have to take can end up costing you more money. It would be wise to simply pack your own electronics to save a little money on moving costs. Besides, most electronics are relatively small, so they shouldn't be too much of a hassle to take care of.

5. Personal Items
Professional movers can take of all the items you need shipped, but there may be a few items you do not want strangers to handle. You are not the only one who has personal items such as lingerie and other adult merchandise that you do not want others to handle or see. All of these personal items are usually easily packed, so why not take care of it on your own so that you do not have to be nervous about strangers uncovering them.

6. Valuable Possessions
You took care of your jewelry, but you may have other types of valuables in your home. Some people keep bonds or cash inside their homes. These items would probably be safe in the hands of movers, but there is no need to go through the stress most people endure when strangers handle their valuables. All you have to do is pack these items yourself and you are done.

Hopefully, some of these tips make sense to you and make your move a little easier. Be sure to talk to your movers for additional tips; they are the professionals after all.

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